Deceased and Musing About Wizard World Philly From the Grave

Wizard World Philadelphia is hella expensive and I blame temporary insanity (brought on by extreme thirst for Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston) for purchasing tickets that cost [This information has been redacted].

Still, the convention was a wonderful experience and I’d consider going again if I married rich or won the lottery. Seriously, I’m about to be on that ramen diet after this week.

My favorite part of attending this sort of event is and probably will forever be the cosplay. I saw everything from Sailor Moon to the men in drag from Mulan to an awesome Deadpool who made his own version of Captain America’s stealth suit and shield. Kicking myself for not jumping out of my photo op line to grab a quick pic!

My second favorite thing is witnessing the messy meltdowns. For the most part, people kept their chill. I don’t think anything will ever top a swarm of girls chasing down Ian Somerhalder like he’s a zero-calorie double fudge brownie at a Vampire Diaries convention back in 2012. I do send my thoughts to the girl in the Stephen Amell photo op line who was legit having a nervous breakdown right before she was supposed to go in. Homegirl was hysterically crying and yelling at who I assume was her boyfriend for not supporting her enough through this stressful time and all he could do was hold her.

A different girl fainted after taking a picture with Tom Hiddleston and had to be taken away on a stretcher. I can’t judge—I damn near passed out myself.

Speaking of meeting Tom Hiddleston, here’s how my photo op experience went.

Billy Boyd at Wizard World Philadelphia

I previously met Billy Boyd back in 2012 at DragonCon but never got a photo. I actually told him I nearly pissed myself  and he joked,“We all do eventually when we get older” or something to that effect. This time around, I had way more chill. As soon as I stepped up, he asked me (in his lovely Scottish accent) if I minded if he took a second to sip his coffee. Who was I to turn down extra Boyd time? We took the pic and I do not remember anything after our pose. I think I blacked out, guys. This is not okay. (Side note: I am not tall. My ’90s heels added an extra 5 inches to my height.)

I was pumped to finally meet Chris Evans and Sebastian stan. The lines were long and the nerves were jittery but everything was gonna be perfect, right? Wrong! My friends went first and apparently, Evans and Stan were too busy talking to each other to notice them. When it was my turn, they were still in their own world. Like I legit walked up and said “Hi” and I don’t think either heard me, lol. Evans literally reached over me to laugh at whatever Sebastian said (which I didn’t hear). Dude, can someone fill me in on what they were talking about?! But they stopped for the pose and the picture turned out really nice!

Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston at Wizard World Philadelphia

I was determined for this one to go a lot better. Chris and Tom were talking and I kind of stood there, waiting for them to stop (and politely blurted out “I’ll wait”). Verbal diarrhea is a real problem, people. Fortunately, they either didn’t hear or didn’t think what I said was rude. I stepped into my spot and asked both if we could just hug it out. Chris answered, “Sure! Absolutely!” and they just sandwiched me! Not sure there are words for what it feels like to be in an Evans/Hiddleston sandwich. It’s just something you have to experience for yourself.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth at Wizard World Philadelphia

For some reason, Chris Hemsworth was pretty subdued but still very nice. Tom, on the other hand, is just a giddy puppy. He would do a little dance in between photos. I’m starting to believe he can’t go more than five seconds without shaking his butt. When it came time for our photo, nothing special happened. We took it and that was supposed to be it but my friend blinked. Shout out to the Wizard World staff for checking their photos and having us retake when something like that happens. They really care about these expensive ass pics looking good! I walked back over to Tom and told him, “We’re gonna hug the crap out of each other” to which he responded by hugging the crap out of me.

Now, as post-con depression sets in, I am left with great memories and Tom’s amazing cologne fresh on my mind (and t-shirt until I wash). I mean, he really got in there for our photo!

Thanks to an incredibly hard working staff who kept it together and remained super nice despite running behind. Sad bank account aside, I have no regrets about attending. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and now I get to say I had a pelvic party with Hiddleston and Evans.



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