The Originals: In Defense of Elijah’s Plot Twist

Note: This stemmed from a cool and interesting convo on Facebook so I turned it into a post!

Last week’s episode of The Originals “Red Door” revealed that Esther was not the one who killed Tatia – it was Elijah! While some see it as a lazy ploy by the writers, I felt like this was a story worth telling.

 I think it makes sense for them to revisit Tatia because she was the start to the doppelgänger line and the feud  between Klaus and Elijah. We only saw bits from that storyline and it was just thrown away on TVD. The Originals is about exploring the history of these vampires and how it affects their present day issues and like it or not, Tatia is very much a part of that history. This episode wasn’t about forbidden love or doppelgängers. That rehashed love story was just an introduction to the real focus- Elijah. Those scenes were necessary because that’s all we as audience members knew about Elijah/Tatia/Klaus, until now.

Taking that Tatia storyline and flipping it on its head brought more depth to Eiljah because it shows us why he’s so obsessively clean. It explains why he’s so good a repressing things. It also shows that Elijah might not be this debonair vampire we all love, that it could all be fake. Revisiting this allows us to go deeper into the psyche of Eiljah and open up all of his secrets -which he is really good at keeping. So I didn’t see it as “jumping the shark” or “beating a dead horse” but an opportunity to take the mythology and go deeper than we could have on its parent show.

And this episode most certainly could not have worked with a new character or Hayley or Gia because this revelation about Elijah stems back to his first days as a vampire; built on the idea that he lost control and killed someone he loved, and how he has spent a lifetime in repression trying to make sure that never happens again. This explains why he’s so skiddish with Hayley and hesitant with Gia as well. It all ties in.


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