The Mockingjay Lives (and slays us in the process)

Come November 21, my behind will be in that cold, dark theater at midnight biting my nails and conducting a prayer circle for everyone I love in that movie. I just saw the new trailer for “The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part 1” and it is EV-ERY-THIING!

Notes on the trailer:

Katniss looks mad as hell, like someone stole her credit card and spent $15,000 on tennis shoes at Macy’s.

Stale Peeta Bread and his Desperately Seeking Affection behind looking like a ratchet Tilda Swinton in the Capitol

Why is Elizabeth Bennet’s dad so creepy and mean?

Crying Woody Harrelson, be still my heart.

Oh hay there black nerdy dude from “Catching Fire!” It’s about time one of us made it out of these mass-death films alive.

Miley’s hot ex is still hot.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman =(

IT’S.  ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN. I cannot wait! What are your thoughts? Excited? Not so much? Spill.



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