Review: Does Assassin’s Creed Break the Video Game Movie Curse?

Directed by: Justin Kurzel
Starring: Marion Cotillard, Michael Fassbender, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Kenneth Williams, Ariane Labed and Charlotte Rampling
Rated: PG-13

Assassin’s Creed reunites director Justin Kurzel and actors Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender (who worked together on 2015’s Macbeth) for a fun adaptation of the the popular video game.

The story centers on Calum Lynch (Fassbender), a descendant of a secret society known as the Assassins. He’s recruited by Sophia Rikkin (Cotillard) and subsequently forced into the Animus, advanced technology which unlocks his genetic memory and allows him to assume the life of his ancestor Aguilar during the Spanish Inquisition. It’s these flashbacks that allow him to acquire the skills needed to take down the modern day Templars who are holding him and other Assassins hostage.

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Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Feels Just Like Home

Director: David Yates

Writer: J.K. Rowling

Rating: PG-13

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a wonderful leap back into J.K. Rowling’s magical world, but it’s not what you might think. While it does tie into the Harry Potter timeline, this one is set in 1926 in New York City. It also centers on a Hufflepuff named Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) rather than a boy with a lightning bolt on his forehead.

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Interviews and Conventions, Oh My! Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Is this thing on? I know, it’s been a while since my last update but I have great news to share! Back in August, I transitioned from freelancer to assistant editor at The Mary Sue. If you’re into geeky things from a feminist perspective, check out our site. I’ve written essays like this one on Tim Burton’s predominately white films. I’ve also spoken to some wonderful people including Marvel producer Victoria Alonso and Vampire Diaries star Candice King. Oh, and did I mention I’ll be writing about some of my favorite shows for PopSugar?! I can’t tell you how excited I am about everything right now.

I also attended DragonCon and got to speak with Felicia Day and Alan Tudyk about their mobile game Con Man. I also went to New York Comic-Con for the first time and dove right back into on-air reporting. I’ll have to upload photos of all the great cosplayers I saw at some point but for now, check out these videos from the event.

My journey to NYC has been hectic and unpredictable, but now it looks like I’m finally settling in. Can’t wait to show you all the amazing things coming up.

Joseph Sikora from ‘Power’ Talks Killing Ghost and Teaming with Tasha

Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy Egan on Power, dishes on marathon eating, killing Ghost and more.


The story follows Ghost (Omari Hardwick) trying to escape his double life as both a top drug kingpin and legitimate business owner. Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Andy Bean and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson also star.

You can catch the series Sunday nights on Starz at 9 p.m. ET. Don’t forget to follow Joseph on Twitter and Instagram @JosephSikora4.


Deceased and Musing About Wizard World Philly From the Grave

Wizard World Philadelphia is hella expensive and I blame temporary insanity (brought on by extreme thirst for Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston) for purchasing tickets that cost [This information has been redacted].

Still, the convention was a wonderful experience and I’d consider going again if I married rich or won the lottery. Seriously, I’m about to be on that ramen diet after this week.

My favorite part of attending this sort of event is and probably will forever be the cosplay. I saw everything from Sailor Moon to the men in drag from Mulan to an awesome Deadpool who made his own version of Captain America’s stealth suit and shield. Kicking myself for not jumping out of my photo op line to grab a quick pic!

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Cancellations, Renewals and New Shows – Oh My!

This year’s TV Upfronts brought some major heartbreak along with a string of new shows. ABC was particularly ruthless, giving favorites like The Muppets, MARVEL’s Agent Carter and Castle the axe. Fox saved Sleepy Hollow despite the loss of Nicole Beharie, and decided that quirky freshman comedy The Grinder would rest for good. Kristin and I went over the highs and lows of the cancellations and renewals over last week. Listen in now:

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The Originals: “The Bloody Crown” Review

Hey guys! I got together with Kristin to discuss the highlights of the season finale of The Originals.

Season 3 | Episode 22 – “The Bloody Crown”

After months of thwarting off dangerous threats and deadly attacks, the Mikaelson siblings finally come face to face with the one person that could lead to their ultimate demise. With the stakes higher than ever and the compound overrun by an army of his oldest sworn enemies, Klaus is put on trial for centuries of atrocities he’s committed. Meanwhile, Marcel, who has been spiraling out of control following an act of betrayal by those closest to him, is stunned by the unexpected arrival of someone from his past. Finally, Elijah, Freya and Kol frantically search for a way to save their family before it’s too late.

The full episode is available now on

@Thisfunktional talks with Rosie Rivera, Diego Mendel about ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Boots

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Jesus, @thisfunktional of, talks with entrepreneurr Rosie Rivera and designer Diego Mendel about the special edition Alice Through the Looking Glass boots from the Jenni Rivera Footwear line.

Rivera talks about the opportunity to collaborate with Disney and Mendel, Mendel talks about the inspiration behind the design of the boot and the several concepts he came to Rosie Rivera with.

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” Opens in theaters May 27.

Visit for “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Boots contest details.

From iWatchMike: Enter to Win! ‘Mother’s Day’ Screening Passes

Did you watch the trailer movie fans? Looks pretty funny and super sweet cast. #MothersDayMovie hits theaters April 29 but with these passes – you’ll see it first. Good luck on downloading these – – better more fast!!

If you end up going – feel free to tag me and I’ll re-share ya!! (FB/iwatchmike, Twitter/mikethemovieguy, IG/mikethemovieguy or SC/mikethamovieguy)

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